Miroslav Vitous is selling his 1874 Homolka Master Bass

This bass has been in Miroslav’s possession for well over 40 years, and was used on virtually all the Weather Report albums, and Miroslav’s ECM recordings as well.

The bass was crafted by Ferdinand A. Homolka (also known as Ferdinand August Vincenc Homolka) from the famous violin-makers family of Velvary in the Czech Republic.

He constructed his instruments according to the models of Stradivari, J. Guarneri and N. Amati, and he neared the Italian originals in the quality of tone as well.

F. A. Homolka also excelled as a brilliant conservator of old instruments. The significant violin connoisseur, Lütgendorff, wrote of him as the Prague Stradivari.

The asking price is $60,000.  To inquire, please use the contact form below.